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Strength In Leos Podcast

Apr 29, 2021

We're back with the Uncovering SaSobek series to talk about the beast that lives inside Matt. As many of you know, he has accomplished a ton in his breeding career, but anything worth having never comes easy. This obviously means a ton of sacrifice and constantly having to push yourself to be better in order to stay at...

Apr 10, 2021

In this episode of the Uncovering SaSobek series, Matt and I take a deeper look into his 2021 breeding plans. As you know if you heard this series in chronological order, Matt had no plan to get back into breeding Leos. But as the podcast went on he caught the bug again and decided to get back into breeding. 

Mar 27, 2021

As we continue in this series, this episode focuses on Eublepharis pure species. When Matt was at A&M Gecko, he was part of bringing some of the first subspecies of Leopard Gecko into the states. Later down the line, he brought in Eublepharis Hardwickii and became the first to breed them in the US.